Is the Kerry Beagle a Good Dog?

Kerry beagle dog.
COUNTRY: Ireland
HEIGHT: 22-24 inches
COAT: Hard, short and smooth
COLOR: Black and Tan
GROUP: Hound

Not a typical beagle, a Kerry Beagle is better defined as being a hound. This pup is thought to be an example of one of the oldest Irish dog breeds, initially brought to Ireland via the Celts. Though they’re best known for being a hunting dog, Kerry Beagles are also quite friendly and great for families.

Physical Characteristics of the Kerry Beagle

Kerry Beagles vary in size from a typical beagle breed. They weigh up to sixty pounds and stand twenty-two to twenty-four inches tall.


This dog comes in several coat colors, including black and tan, tan and white, solid black, a tricolor with black-tan-white, and blue mottled and tan.

Coat – This dog has a short coat.

Kerry Beagle Personality and Temperament

Activity Level – This dog’s activity level is moderate to high.

Positives about Kerry Beagles

Though this Irish dog breed is a dedicated hunter, a Kerry Beagle can also be an excellent pet for a family, and they interact well with kids and other dogs. Irrespective of its hunting background, they are known for being friendly and gentle.

Things to Think About When Considering Buying a Kerry Beagle

These are energetic dogs, so they need a lot of exercise. Plus, they are swift, so it’s a good idea always to put your Kerry Beagle on a leash while in public.

How to Care For a Kerry Beagle

Perfect Living Conditions

A home with a big yard is the best for energetic Kerry Beagles, though you can keep one in an apartment, too, so long as you make sure you provide exercise every day.

Special Needs

Essential grooming, including brushing them occasionally and bathing them if needed. That is all you need for a Kerry Beagle.

Kerry Beagle’s Health

Kerry Beagles typically live between ten and fourteen years. There are not any documented health issues related to this breed.

History and Background of the Kerry Beagle

Out of all the Irish Hounds, a Kerry Beagle is thought to be one of the oldest breeds. It’s said the “gadhar,” which is a type of dog talked about in ancient Irish books, is the breed’s direct ancestor. It is thought that the Kerry Beagle was probably brought to Ireland in the Middle Ages when the Celtics arrived.

Though the precise history of Kerry Beagles is under debate, it’s said they are a descendant of Old Southern Hounds according to genealogies dating back as far as 1794. Kerry Beagles were created over time as a mixture of other hound breeds, perhaps to have the best hunting dog.

In later centuries, the breed declined considerably and almost became extinct. Nevertheless, this breed’s popularity increased later on and spread to additional regions such as the US. The Irish Kennel Club recognized Kerry Beagles formally in 1991.

Bred initially as a dog, used to track the scent of game, the big dogs were then sent to “carry out the hunt.” This breed is still used for hunting hares.